/ Krasnova Daria

Activity: sculpture, graphics, medals, pastels
Russia. Samara city.
2004 - Execution of the award medal for the development of electric transport in Samara.
2005 - Participation in the interregional exhibition of contemporary art (Penza).
2006 - Praise of the State Qualification Commission for the sculptural composition "Jeanne D Arc".
2007 - I degree diploma of the regional competition for the best design and production of a memorial plaque to A.Ya. Bass at the Samara Art Museum.
2013 - Execution of a memorial plaque to the great Soviet striker Boris Kazakov at the house where he lived (Samara).
2013 - Personal exhibition of pastels in Samara.
2014 - A TSHR diploma  for national fine arts contribution 
Since 2013, a member of the  Creative Union Artists.
Many works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.